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Every career aspiring student wants to study to get a job. EdServ focusses to support a student to complete his / her degree so as to get a job. EdServ's academic support solutions enhance the employability to bridge the ever widening Academics-Industry divide.

EdServ launched EdCademy, the academic support programme for Engineering, and Management students to provide the much needed support for the student to complete a degree so as to get a job. Under this programme, EdServ conducts Promptive Metrics based Learning (PML) methods to enhance the performance of students in their semester exams so that their placement prospects become better as they move to final year campus programmes. EdCademy at the outset offers three engines of support viz., Learning Engine (LE), Assessment Engine (AE), and Placement Engine (PE).

EdCademy assures a better students performance rating in their core degree subjects and assessment essentials. This is achieved by continuous assessments that can be forced upon to every student by the concerned HoD by unlimited access to EdCademys Learning Engine (LE). Further, before the semester exam, a student can attempt many model papers of a particular subject which the student feels tough to pass or score high through the Assessment Engine (AE) of EdCademy. Final year students can also access for unlimited job positions through Placement Engine (PE) of EdCademy by which virtually an e-campus interview can be organized which could land a student in a job offer much before he / she completes the course.

EdCademy is planned for other Universities in other states as well. EdCademy is well supported by EdClass, a product that makes a student to meet a tutor in a virtual class network (VCN)to clarify doubts and also to get quick lectures on important and difficult topics. There will be both live and pre-recorded sessions in EdClass.

EdCademy with EdClass is sure to simplify the process of passing exams and getting degree with better grades. Students with EdCademy of EdServ can look for right placements with clients already getting the information and screening them for their performance which are given as footprints by the LAMPS system seamlessly in web network.

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