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Feb 23, 2010 EdServ Acquires SchoolMATE

EdServ, a Chennai-based education and placement company announced that it signed a letter of intent to acquire Hyderabad based SchoolMATE (School Management At Ease), a CRM and ERP software solution provider for schools. SchoolMATE also has a college management module called CollegeMATE.

EdServ's offerings to schools through the Vidhyadhana Academy includes providing Academic support, school management support and student performance management support services through which the company will provide multi-dimensional skill development, leading to industry orientation of these students at K-12 itself.

The acquisition will enable the implementation of a progressive learning model in the Vidhyadhana run schools, where the company will improve the technology infrastructure, teacher empowerment and support at classes, and the overall student performance enhancement through tracking and analyzing every individual student.

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