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13 June 2009 EdServ launches academic support programme

EdCademy is aimed at improving students’ performance

CHENNAI: EdServ Softsystems, a Chennai-based fourth generation education company that provides matching careers to aspirants through technology-led e-learning and metrics framework, has launched EdCademy, an in-campus academic support programme for engineering and management students.

Students from the first year to the final year across all engineering and technology disciplines in UG and PG programmes as well as management programmes can benefit from EdCademy in both learning and career placements through online web-based access methods.

EdCademy is aimed at improving the performance of students inside a campus. It follows LAP model (learning, assessment and placement) that converges end-to-end all benefiting communities, that is, students, faculty, industry and institution, seamlessly. Claimed to be the first of its kind in India, it houses over 500 subjects in e-learning format along with over a million model questions and answers. The objective is to educate and elevate every student to be a most successful and employable one through a trade-marked prompting metrics-based learning (PML) method, says S. Giridharan, Chief Executive Officer.

Branded as EdCademy, the LAP model, which operates through LAMPS software engine, gives unlimited access to registered students to refresh their learning, to undergo metrics relating to their core subjects and soft skills, to prepare for the campus interview, and, in the best cases, to get an offer out of EdCademy’s placement engine directly. The learning refresher for every student matches perfectly to his/her current year’s curriculum subject- and chapter-wise. It is well supported by assessments, which are mandatory tests as well as non-mandatory questions and answers, to test every single knowledge and understanding of a student in a subject. Again, all metrics footprints are recorded as performance trackers for faculty, says he.

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