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AreaPartner or LBSN (Local Business Service Networking) center, is a business that an individual or a group who represents his / her / their living area (i.e) one pin-code, with the affordability and earnings based sharing, which enables partners to first see their money before we as Corporate see our money !

EdServ's AreaPartner.com is the India's First Area wise search portal where you can get the n number of services in a single place. Their must be only one AreaPartner for that particular Area. He/She is going to take care of the entire service for their Area. This we consider as our best policy of AreaPartner.com is, the partner is going to be the monopoly in their market.

Approximately 100 to 250 Sq.ft in size with a system and web linked, to provide the various services of Edserv. The business categorized into Buy, Sell, Rent, Listings and more as to generate income along with other services provided by Edserv's Lampsglow portal.

The business supports a Mobile Apps , which is first of it's kind in India, where any individual can host, edit, create, update a website on his / her own using just only the Mobile, which can also be vi-wed by a normal system.

Features of AreaPartner

  1. Multi-Point earning mechanism for every partner.
  2. Existing Edserv partners can migrate to AreaPartner by a simple upgrade.
  3. Partner to market the products and register candidates for Lampsglow.com
  4. On AreaPartner Site - News, Events, Local Discussion Forum, Important Places, Emergency Contact number, MAP's can be added.
  5. The partner can host ads, Buy, Sell, Rent, Business Listings can be offered according to the interest and the need of user.
  6. 2D Bar-codes will be sold based on Business Listing request by the user.
  7. SchoolMATE A Specially designed CRM product towards satisfying all needs of a School.

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