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Grid Pointers
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LAMPS Engine
The D2J e-Content of HEADS

EdServs HEADS model envisages a holistic approach towards skill development essential for a job, viz., IT Skills, Softskills, Aptitude, & Domain Skills, by a customized content tightly integrated with assessment as vetted by industry directly. The HEADS model insists on mandatory job fitment for every course with the industry that has vetted the curriculum and has given the assessment. Due to this fact, the content necessarily covers the basic requirements of todays and tomorrows industry in terms of an overall skill development of a fresher so as to be job ready.

Softskills, Aptitude Skills, Generic IT skills form part of every such training requirement in a job linked specification of an industry. Thus the content elevates every such aspirant who undergoes the course, from Degree to a Job.

Thus the ever-growing gap between academics and industry is bridged once for all with automated offline web based learning with assessment to ensure every aspirant for a job is registered with a firm job assignment and also a course. On completing the course successfully, the job is automatically allotted to him based on his skill levels, capability, background and thus all industries are addressed in terms of their requirement for a trained and employable professional in both IT and non-IT nature.


EdServ next generation HEADS model consists of the 5 key cornerstones to build and deliver centralized education to meet industry needs in terms of qualitative skills and scale through innovative use of tools and technology to seamlessly integrate training, fool-proof and transparent testing, metrics-based assessment and absorption of appropriately trained humanware.

HEADS Cornerstones

  • CS1: Delivery: BMC and LAMPS
    Use of 'Brick and Mortar Centers’ (BMC) driven approach for the last mile since the Indian psyche needs a date-time-location framework to impose the must-learn discipline required for learning; and a world-class Learning Assessment Management and Placement System(LAMPS) to create efficiency in centralized delivery of technology-enabled content
  • CS2: Content: HCI and IEC
    Development of technology enabled content using appropriate Human-Computer Interface (HCI) amenable for efficient remote delivery aided by high quality R&D and driven by Industry-Education Collaboration (IEC)
  • CS3: Technology: BCD and CSS
    Broad-band Content Delivery (BCD) just-in-time from a central Content Storage Subsystem (CSS) using the right combination of terrestrial and satellite linkages
  • CS4: Deployment: MSR and SSA
    Linkage with the talent search teams at large corporations using a proprietary Manpower Search and Recruitment (MSR) workbench through a Seamless and Secure Access (SSA) for efficient stitching of need with demand for the trained pool of manpower
  • CS5: Brand: PMD and Mascot
    Measurable performance using a Performance Monitoring Dashboard (PMD) which will be embodied in our trademark Mascot
EdServ’s award winning HEADS model envisages web based automated learning driven by point-in-time assessment using industry vetted and job linked e-content called D2J (Degree-to-Job) content that is delivered through Brick-and-Mortar Centers (BMC) called EdCenters in a partner model so as to reach out all regions.
HEADS Grid Pointers

EdServ's HEADS Learning architecture (HEAL) tightly integrates the key Grid Pointers so as to deliver industry-ready resources picked up right from academics.

A student as a resource has a strong desire for a job; so is the industry having strong desire to recruit fresh resource in large volumes; the facilitator here is the Partner / Franchisee who has a strong desire to generate business without becoming answerable for the placement. So the HEADS Grid essentially connects all these back to back such that every Grid Pointer's desire is fed by the other's need.

LAMPS Engine

EdServ ensures mandatory job fitment for every student who enrolLs for a course through back to back arrangement with enterprises across various domains. Every student stepping in EdServ chooses among a suite of job positions matching his / her skill sets, qualification and job preference, even before starting a course. The course content, fees, and duration are decided based on the job that a student chooses. Degree-to-Job is accomplished for a college student by continuous assessments of their skills as they start doing the course, validating the course and grades with the industry, so that the job assigned gradually becomes a reality.

Integrated LAMPS engine (Learning Assessment Management and Placement System) ensures that every EdServ student undergoes a skill matched, industry vetted, and job linked course making sure that the student is always progressing towards the aptly fitting job.

Companies get to know the student's quality better and keep offering the right career options day-in and day-out, till the student chooses the best suited job among them. This happens right inside the EdServ center. This is a commitment given by both EdServ and industry through automated LAMPS!

Web based learning content streamed and delivered in a centralized format from EdServ Headquarters ensures that every BMC (Brick-and-Mortar Center) in even a remote location is serviced fully in a border-less education framework.

It is a central secured software system that distributes learning content, does assessment, certifies the student, prints offer letters at center itself, and connects the student to client. LAMPS is accessible by all communities through secured logins.

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