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EdCampus is a virtual campus providing placements through jobs which are live from various clients. EdCampus provides online job engagements for the aspirants in a direct and defined client-resource interaction. Client job definitions are online in EdServ's private job web which is viewable by the job seeker after providing their background information. All high-end as well as low-end jobs for fresher as well as experienced are made real in EdCampus. A job seeker, even without any internet enablement, can contact any of the EdCounters such as a grocery shop to pay and get to know about the matching job positions through his / her mobile. Automated job matches happen leading to client interviews and job offers online.

EdCampus can be accessed from EdCenters and also from inside EdCademies through the secured LAMPS portal. Any career aspirant including the final year students who look for a job can register with EdCenter and access EdCampus live.

Once the candidate enters all the relevant information and background including skill sets and experience if any, EdCampus immediately lists out the jobs that are most matching and are live. Candidate can choose the most suitable position and is expected to pass a Pre-Career Assessment (PCA) to be qualified for an interview or job.

Online or personal interviews are also arranged instantly on candidates clearing the PCA. EdCampus matches right jobs to the aspiring registrant online through industry vetted, assessment driven, skill matched, and technology-led seamlessly. EdServ caters to careers in domains / verticals that include Retail, BFSI, Telecom, Manufacturing, BPO apart from IT through EdCampus online.

EdCampus plans to increase the current 50,000 job seeker registrations to 1,000,000 in the next 1 year.

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