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A Distributor is appointed for each postal pin code. Distributor is authorized to sell all products displayed under LG through dealer's network. Distributor can enter LG site and create his/her own login under the distributors column at no cost basis which will be exclusively owned by the distributor. The entry Fee for a distributor per pin code is nominal considering the marketing support they would get in their region from us. A Distributor gets the edcredits in his/her login and also in his mobile phone as registered in LG.

The distributor then appoints Dealers under his area of operation viz: the pin code for which the distributor has paid. A distributor has the freedom to appoint as many dealers as possible in the said pin code . Upon receiving payment from dealers , a distributor has to transfer part of EdCredits as agreed to the dealer which can done through by transferring the same from distributors login to dealers login.

A distributor can sell the stocks to none other than registered and paid up dealers.
Payment towards Edcredit transfer paid by dealer to distributor.

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