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EdCademy Off-Campus

Exclusive facility provided to Institutions with multimedia compliant machines along with a server with a authentic connectivity to HQ LAMPS. EdLabs provide the much needed day-to-day academic support by LAMPS through system access.

Lambent (EdServ)


Lambent's (EdServ) software services strength lies in providing right-sized business software solutions for the enterprise-wide requirements for enterprises to grow as per their vision. Lambent (EdServ) is not meant to be just another consultant outfit but is made to work as an enterprise partner. One who understands the client's business thoroughly and creates software solutions and services which are just perfect for their needs. With Lambent (EdServ) , one is never left alone wondering about fulfilling their dreams and vision with technology challenges around.

Lambent (EdServ) helps organizations in achieving their critical business imperatives by realizing the maximum business value through their technology investments. Lambent (EdServ) delivers a portfolio of services that helps clients embrace speed, transform their enterprises, respond quickly to opportunities, and go to market ahead of their competitors.

Lambent (EdServ) provides ERP solutions as well as Database maintenance services in a 24x7 zero-downtime based enterprise-wide continuous availability framework in both onsite and off-site models. Lambent (EdServ) also provides Staffing solutions and customized resource solutions apart from niche training post-implementation of systems.


Annual Database & Systems maintenance services have been Lambent's (EdServ) forte for several years. Lambent (EdServ) had several DBAs and SAs to its profile and has successfully been servicing clients like SPB, Wheels India, GM Financials Services among others.

Lambent (EdServ) enjoys monopolistic leadership in Database administration capabilities in ORACLE RDBMS and Unix administration capabilities in a wide variety of flavours like Solaris, HP UX, AIX and SCO.

The company offers consulting in the areas of installation and maintenance, setup, reorganization, performance tuning, crash recovery, migration, remote transparent distributed database setup, clustering, parallel server operations and advanced replication in ORACLE and UNIX

It is the role of administrators like the DBA (Data Base Administrator) and the OS administrator to take care of the problems related to database and the operating system. These administrators are experienced professionals who have seen a number of installations and are familiar with potential situations that can cause such critical problems.

This experience and knowledge now becomes available to the client so that they can be proactive and avoid such pitfalls. These consultants are also well versed in the art of trouble-shooting and can therefore provide solutions for disaster recovery, if and when the situation arises.

Since, in India the concept of having dedicated administrators for each site has not yet become popular, mainly due to high costs and scarcity of trained personnel, organizations look forward to outside consultants with experience and expertise to support them with these activities.


EdCenters are the flagship centers of EdServ that provide the Education as well as Deployment. EdCenters house multimedia compliant systems connected to the central LAMPS at HQ through Internet and are partner centers. EdCenters provide placement linked education through e-learning framework in HEADS Learning paradigm. EdCenters can also provide academic support assessments. EdServ houses over 500 contents in e-learning framework conforming the proprietory HEAL architecture which are deployed through LAMPS in authorised EdCenters.

Every learning content is also accompanied by Assessments. EdCenter can access the Learning Engine (LE) as well as Assessment Engine (AE). Students / Candidates can only access EdServ's solutions only through authorised EdCenters signed up with EdServ. EdCenters are off-campus models of EdCademies too. Further, EdCenters also house EdCampus, the Jobs Database called Online Placement Campus.

EdCenter is approximately 500 to 800 sqft in size and web linked with EdServ HQ to have access to the centralized LAMPS software engine for anyone walking into the center to register for a course, assessment, as well as job. Students including final year students, unemployed graduates and diploma holders, and working people with career mismatches can register with EdCenter centers and choose online their required services and support seamlessly.

EdServ has back-to-back arrangements with a suite of clients in both IT as well as non-IT domains and verticals and has stocked up over 20,000 job positions live on LAMPS engine. LAMPS is web controlled and is viewable and accessible only through authorized EdCenters. EdCenters provide the crucial employability enhancement by job linked learning and placement. EdServ currently has over 150 EdCenters operational providing the learning and placement online.


EdServ's EdCademy is the academic support programme for Arts / Science, Engineering, and Management students. EdCademy is offered in both in-campus as well as off-campus models. Under this programme, EdServ conducts Promptive Metrics based Learning (PML) methods to enhance the performance of students in their semester exams so that their placement prospects become better as they move to final year campus programmes.

Further, EdServ's EdCampus, the Jobs Database that houses tens of thousands of job positions are also accessible for pre-final and final year students to land up an apt job while they complete their degree programme.

EdServ shall install the EdCademy system in-campus into a college that signs up the relationship. The system includes Learning, Assessment, and Placement engines through its secured LAMPS web portal. All the relevant subjects for a particular semester of a degree programme shall be webcasted online to the student through individual logins. The e-contents are 100% University compliant in curriculum, semester exam pattern, and the model questions adhering to the subject exam paper to assess and improve every student's performance.

Further, the student shall also undergo Softskills, personality development skills, basic IT skills through multimedia based audio-video supported e-learning system with appropriate metrics to enhance students' employability. EdCademy has been specifically designed to help student face their exams with more confidence. EdServ addresses the need of every student undergoing the UG and PG degree programmes in a college to pass the semester exam easy and get an appropriate career placement.

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EdCademy Off-Campus Academic Support

As an Engineering student, you have always been wondering if there can be a help to do the exams well such that you are able to clear all papers in one attempt. Ever thought there can be a company which can also help you clear all your arrears ?

Semester exams are no more a nightmare. Register with EdServ and clear all papers in a semester along with your arrears too. EdServs EdCademy now offers you exclusive Off-Campus Assessments made for Tamil Nadu Engineering UG (Anna University Compliant) subjects through its EdCenters across TN. EdCademy makes you score high grades and secure your Engineering degree with ease.

EdServ has rolled out the EdCademy Assessment Engine (AE) consisting of model assessments for over 240 subjects of Anna University (AU), Chennai, to be accessed through the secured LAMPS web link. Students like you studying in various colleges under Anna University across TN can access these contents and improve their preparation to semester exams through 150 EdCenters of EdServ spread across TN.

Join EdServ. You will realise how easy it is to face your exams.

Stop worrying about exams. Start dreaming about Careers !

FEATURES AND BENEFITS OF EdCademy off-campus Assessment Engine

  • Targets Engineering Students of Tamil Nadu state studying in Anna University affiliated colleges
  • Focuses on improving marks / grades in exams as well as clear arrears
  • Follows the University model papers and semester exam pattern
  • Covers over 240 subjects of Tamil Nadu Engineering Degree UG programme (Anna University syllabus)
  • Learning and preparation by attempting model papers in e-learning model
  • Automated Q&A sessions strictly in exam paper pattern conformance
  • Questions and Answers in Promptive Metrics based Learning (PML), an EdServ trademarked framework
  • Improved grades & Reduced backlogs of subjects among students
  • Student performance & progress barometer showcased online
  • Improved campus placements and job offers for students directly out of EdCademy placement engine
  • Correct answers displayed after an incorrect attempt by a student
  • All attempted papers stored in the login of the student along with the attempt result as well as the correct answers
  • Every student who registers for Off-campus programme is given a login for 30 hours of usage
  • The student registered can use the login to access unlimited exam model papers in electronic format during the period
  • Student can optionally re-charge for another 10 hours and multiples in the same login on expiry
  • The papers get automatically validated and valuated with correct answers too
  • Registered students can access all papers available for all subjects of the degree programme of the student
  • The student can also access all subjects of the previous years / semesters too for clearing arrears

So, register with EdServs EdCademy Off-Campus programme and see yourself dreaming careers instead of worrying about arrears.

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EdCampus is EdServ's ONLINE PLACEMENT CAMPUS. It is a virtual campus providing placements and houses over 2 lakhs of jobs live from various clients. EdCampus can be accessed from EdCenters and also from inside EdCademies through the secured LAMPS portal. Any career aspirant including the final year students who look for a job can register with EdCenter and access EdCampus live.

Once the candidate enters all the relevant information and background including skillsets and experience if any, EdCampus immediately lists out the jobs that are most matching and are live. Candidate can choose the most suitable position and is expected to pass a Pre-Career Assessment (PCA) to be qualified for an interview or job.

Clients enter job positions and specifications continuously online into EdCampus wherever they are and online or personal interviews are also arranged instantly on candidates clearning PCA. EdCampus matches right jobs to the aspiring registrant online through industry vetted, assessment driven, skill matched, and technology-led seamlessly. EdServ caters to careers in domains / verticals that include Retail, BFSI, Telecom, Manufacturing, BPO apart from IT through EdCampus online.

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EdSeed of EdServ provides right-sized resources meeting the demand of the Corporate. EdServ resources are trained on the job and are ready-to-deploy. EdServ also takes up e-campus recruitment to ensure a resource is rightly mapped to the required specification of the job position defined by Corporate.

More often, organisations face the problem of recruitments of resources as fresh workforce to be deployed readily in large numbers to your various projects. This is basically because of the manual process involved in going to the colleges for campus interviews, getting in touch with consulting companies to look through a host of resumes so as to shortlist and interview the candidates and so on.

Sometimes, you may wonder if there can be a SYSTEM that can give you just those sets of resources as freshers to recruit. Further, you may also look at someone as an extended arm to train and induct post-recruitment so that the recruited freshers become ready-to-deploy or more EMPLOYABLE.

At EdServ, we believe in a technology driven business model and have productised our offering in such a way that we work as an extended arm of yours, be it recruitment, pre-recruitment or post-recruitment training and induction seamlessly. What interest you so much in our offering is the way the information is organized and the way the training, assessment, and placement happens effectively and transparently through a centralized software system over the web in a secured way.

Once you sign-up with us with all those crucial information as your specification, the same is fed into our learning and placement portal and you are then put up in your own digital-dashboard of what is going on from inside our automated system.

This also gives you an opportunity to go through the candidature that are automatically booked against your requirements, go through their performance by your electronic tests, screen and shortlist the say you want, and at the best cases interview the candidates lined up for you on-line from our various centres. Once the interview is over you can go ahead and offer the candidates thus selected, and what's more, the candidates come straight to your office for your further HR formalities.

All data and information pertaining to this requirement of yours including the candidate's performance, your skill level specifications get stored in our portal for your review and also for further training requirements if any and thus you get to tap the finest feedback and control system to upgrade and enhance your HR workforce for ever.

EdSeed offers the following:

  • Right sized recruitments in a ready-to-deploy shape
  • Training that is job linked, assessment driven, and client vetted through e-learning
  • e-campus recruitment of freshers using their year-on-year performance stored as footprints
  • Right sized requirements from clients stored and upgraded live to reflect the exact matches of resources from the market
  • Pre-recruitment training, recruitement, Post-recruitment training in one-go
  • Training to re-fit resources and re-deploy to the projects, Orientation and induction using Softskills and Personality Development skills
  • Highly customised and tailer-made offerings in entirely technology-led e-learning framework
  • Employable resources at affordable budgets; single fee for the entire shrink-wrapped turn-key service upto deployment as defined by client
  • LAMPS portal login and access to repository of resource information on-touch of a key
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Live lectures with students by experts in a pre-defined sessions or timeframe as set by the student are facilitated by EdClass. EdClass product is driven by LAMPS for the students either in-campus or off-campus. EdClass back-to-back connects to professors and lecturers who get registered with EdServ for providing the much needed doubt clearance as well as lecture on selected topics as chosen by student.

EdClass is live and face-to-face in a two-way live conferencing strictly between students and lecturers / experts.


In year 2007, M/s. Lambent Softsystems Private Limited acquired ELMAQ, the premier IT Education and Training business, to cater to job-oriented niche training solutions to a wide spectrum of industry verticals.

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