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SchoolMATE [School Management At Ease], is a CRM and ERP software solution provider for Schools. SchoolMATE also has a College management module called CollegeMATE. SchoolMATEs ERP generates over 250 MIS reports and helps management, teachers, students and parents to retrospect and improvise. It houses GPS / GIS technology apart from RFID / Biometric / sms methods to track and monitor student homework, logistics, and attendance, apart from over 15 modules computerising all academic and administrative functions of a school online. With SchoolMATE, Vidhyadhana shall employ class support system for teachers to empower them deliver meaningful sessions with the help of state-of-the-art automation.

EdServs offerings to schools through the Vidhyadhana Academy includes providing Academic support, School Management support, and Student Performance Management support services through which the company will provide multi-dimensional skill development, leading to industry orientation of these students at K-12 itself.

Through the acquisition of SchoolMATE, EdServs Vidhyadhana Academy will have overall points of presence in over 100 schools including 30 schools that it has already signed up since its launch in November 2009.

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