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Vidhyadhana Academy of Excellence for schools (EdSchool) is the stage I of Industry Demand Alignment and provides the much needed career mapping at schools after analyzing the skills and behaviour of each student for their aptitude, background, and flair for a particular field of interest. Vidhyadhana enhances the interest and motivation in school students to learn even tougher subjects and enriches the quality in teachers through technology-led systems.

Vidhyadhana adopts and runs schools so as to gain total control of school management in order to implement the IDEA based education. Vidhyadhana aims at 100% demand-supply match and attempts to create a more balanced socio-economic framework where the unemployable becomes employable and the employable becomes rightly employed.


EdServ's EdCademy is the academic support programme for Arts / Science, Engineering, and Management students. EdCademy is offered in both in-campus as well as off-campus models. Under this programme, EdServ conducts Promptive Metrics based Learning (PML) methods to enhance the performance of students in their semester exams so that their placement prospects become better as they move to final year campus programmes.

Further, EdServ's EdCampus, the Jobs Database that houses tens of thousands of job positions are also accessible for pre-final and final year students to land up an apt job while they complete their degree programme.

EdServ shall install the EdCademy system in-campus into a college that signs up the relationship. The system includes Learning, Assessment, and Placement engines through its secured LAMPS web portal. All the relevant subjects for a particular semester of a degree programme shall be webcasted online to the student through individual logins. The e-contents are 100% University compliant in curriculum, semester exam pattern, and the model questions adhering to the subject exam paper to assess and improve every student's performance.

Further, the student shall also undergo Softskills, personality development skills, basic IT skills through multimedia based audio-video supported e-learning system with appropriate metrics to enhance students' employability. EdCademy has been specifically designed to help student face their exams with more confidence. EdServ addresses the need of every student undergoing the UG and PG degree programmes in a college to pass the semester exam easy and get an appropriate career placement.

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EdCenters are the flagship centers of EdServ that provide the Education as well as Deployment. EdCenters house multimedia compliant systems connected to the central LAMPS at HQ through Internet and are partner centers. EdCenters provide placement linked education through e-learning framework in HEADS Learning paradigm. EdCenters can also provide academic support assessments. EdServ houses over 500 contents in e-learning framework conforming the proprietory HEAL architecture which are deployed through LAMPS in authorised EdCenters.

Every learning content is also accompanied by Assessments. EdCenter can access the Learning Engine (LE) as well as Assessment Engine (AE). Students / Candidates can only access EdServ's solutions only through authorised EdCenters signed up with EdServ. EdCenters are off-campus models of EdCademies too. Further, EdCenters also house EdCampus, the Jobs Database called Online Placement Campus.

EdCenter is approximately 500 to 800 sqft in size and web linked with EdServ HQ to have access to the centralized LAMPS software engine for anyone walking into the center to register for a course, assessment, as well as job. Students including final year students, unemployed graduates and diploma holders, and working people with career mismatches can register with EdCenter centers and choose online their required services and support seamlessly.

EdServ has back-to-back arrangements with a suite of clients in both IT as well as non-IT domains and verticals and has stocked up over 20,000 job positions live on LAMPS engine. LAMPS is web controlled and is viewable and accessible only through authorized EdCenters. EdCenters provide the crucial employability enhancement by job linked learning and placement. EdServ currently has over 150 EdCenters operational providing the learning and placement online.


EdCampus is EdServ's ONLINE PLACEMENT CAMPUS. It is a virtual campus providing placements and houses over 2 lakhs of jobs live from various clients. EdCampus can be accessed from EdCenters and also from inside EdCademies through the secured LAMPS portal. Any career aspirant including the final year students who look for a job can register with EdCenter and access EdCampus live.

Once the candidate enters all the relevant information and background including skillsets and experience if any, EdCampus immediately lists out the jobs that are most matching and are live. Candidate can choose the most suitable position and is expected to pass a Pre-Career Assessment (PCA) to be qualified for an interview or job.

Clients enter job positions and specifications continuously online into EdCampus wherever they are and online or personal interviews are also arranged instantly on candidates clearning PCA. EdCampus matches right jobs to the aspiring registrant online through industry vetted, assessment driven, skill matched, and technology-led seamlessly. EdServ caters to careers in domains / verticals that include Retail, BFSI, Telecom, Manufacturing, BPO apart from IT through EdCampus online.

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