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Welcome to EdServ

Incepted in 2001, EdServ is World's first 4th generation education company that uses technology to efficiently synchronize manpower demand and supply in number and skills right from development to deployment. EdServ's business is web enabled and is run through a secured partner-driven center network in Integrated Learning Model through its EdCenter brand. EdServ also provides academic support programmes in-campus through its EdCademy brand. EdCampus, the jobs database engine, is accessible to all EdCenters and EdCademys as well. EdServ came out with an IPO in February, 2009 and is currently listed in BSE and NSE, India's premier stock exchanges.

EdServ provides technology-led niche solutions in e-learning and placement seamlessly integrating all benefiting communities viz., student, industry, institution, and partner.

EdServ recently launched the EdCademy Off-campus AE for students of Anna University to help them pass exams easily. EdServ already signed up over 200 EdCenters (Learning and Placement centers) in Tamil Nadu and Andra Pradesh through its POWER PARTNER model and plans 1,000 EdCenters Pan India by Mar 2010. EdServ's EdCampus, the ONLINE PLACEMENT CAMPUS, grows in job positions on an hourly basis by clients punching in requirements all over in a private secured network controlled by LAMPS.

EdServ’s is India’s only company to have seamlessly integrated education and placement end-to-end in partner based web network. EdServ focusses on the bottom of the pyramid, the Real India, the hugely recession-proof market having the continuous need of affordable education and a career growth path and guidance. EdServ consolidated its presence in Tamil Nadu as a principal job linked e-learning solution provider through partner driven network for the masses growing significantly from 35 odd partner centers just before IPO to 130 by Mar 2009. The company also rolled out EdCampus, EdCademy, and EdCenters with EdClass during the year that offer learning, jobs, metrics, and live lectures, online in-campus.

EdServ has launched in the year 2009, World's first 4th Generation education model that has a definite job fitment for every aspirant who wishes to seek a career as a fresher. EdServ's HEADS (Humanware Education And Deployment System) has education & deployment integrated as part of the business model and promises an industry vetted, job linked, assessment driven, resource mapped, and skill matched learning and placement for every registrant.

EdServ's next generation HEADS model consists of the 5 key cornerstones such as CONTENT, DELIVERY, DEPLOYMENT, TECHNOLOGY, and BRANDING to build and deliver centralized education to meet industry needs in terms of qualitative skills and scale through innovative use of tools and technology to seamlessly integrate training, fool-proof and transparent testing, metrics-based assessment and absorption of appropriately trained humanware.

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EdServ, EdServ with 7 line steps on top (logo), educate to elevate, EdCademy, EdCampus, EdCenter, EdClass, EdLabs, HEADS, and LAMPS are the service marks of EdServ Softsystems Limited.