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Job Oriented Courses - EdCenters :

??EdCenters broadly refer to the AreaPartners, DealerPartners, and PowerPartners who are authorized EdServ partners to help connect to EdServ product and services. EdCampuses, EdCounters, and EdCenters are those contact centers located in a nearby area who can sell and support EdServ solutions for a variety of in-campus and off-campus learning, assessment, and placement needs for Students, Clients, and job seeker communities. A client connects to a partner of EdServ to give requirements so is a student or job seeker who can also connect to seek a relevant service.
Career Engagement Solutions - EdCampus :

??EdCampus provides online job engagements for the aspirants in a direct and defined client-resource interaction. Clients job definitions are online in EdServ's private job web which are viewable by the job seeker after providing their background information. A job seeker, even without any Internet enablement, can contact any of the EdCounters such as a grocery shop to pay and get to know about the matching job positions through his / her mobile. Automated job matches happen leading to client interviews and handshakes with a job offer online. All high-end as well as low-end jobs for fresher as well as experienced are made real in EdCampus.
Online Tutoring Solutions - EdClass 2tion :

??EdServ's 2-way interactive online tutoring system brings the student and tutor together for an interaction online and live to help students clear their doubts and prepare for their exams better. Setup with digital whiteboards in electronic chat sessions, EdClass 2tion brings in experienced professors and tutors wherever they are to a student's desk to access and hear their lectures anytime and anywhere. EdClass 2tion provides online tutoring services for both formal education support in schools and colleges as well as skill development and job orientation services.
Learning and Assessment Solutions - EdCademy LASENS :

??EdCademy LASENS (Learning and Assessment Engagement Solutions) provide the much needed academic support for students in schools / colleges / universities. LASENS provides a variety of courses in e-learning modules for a self-paced learning, to be accessible anywhere, anytime through pre-paid recharge cards and charge points called EdCounters all over the country. LASENS also provides model papers and quick online tests to undergo self-paced assessments as a preparatory mechanism to check and assess one's competency to score well in exams.

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