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Online Placements

Online Placements are unique offering from EdServ. Online Placement services happen through the business portal system of EdServ called LAMPS. Placements happen seamlessly online with clients and resources converging in the vicinity of the EdServ center. Clients requirements are broadcasted live to be picked up quickly by the most suitable resource and vice versa.

Online Placements are growing day-by-day with Job Positions fetched from clients across the regions and locations not constrained by the physical team sizes of sales at Corporate. Partners with power partner abilities pick up Job Positions as part of their client acquisition and job acquisiton sales initiatives to punch-in to LAMPS day-in-day-out live.

Resources on choosing online their right jobs would have to be cleared by Pre-Career Assessments (PCA), a screening process that would vouch for the quality of the resource pitching for the job position. Client has the liberty to specify the contents of PCA as well as any other contents to be trained further before such PCA can be attempted again.

EdServ's Learning

EdServ's innovative, patented Humanware Education And Deployment System (HEADS) coupled with its trademarked D2J (Degree to Job) content that is skill matched, industry vetted, and job linked ensures mandatory job fitment for every student. Students of EdServ choose from a suite of job positions offered by industry even before they start a course. The course content, fees, and duration for every student of EdServ are decided based on the job they choose. Jobs constantly chase every student of EdServ through an integrated LAMPS engine that connects Industry to student back-to-back by job linked learning and assessment.


Industry winning comprehensive education & deployment model integrated and end-to-end so as to meet all benefiting communities requirements (student, institutions, client, partner) without duplicating efforts at any stage of service; HEADS learning architecture (HEAL) based proprietary and copyrighted e-content that interactively and intuitively addresses students skill needs that has a strong desire to secure a job;

HEADS learning is distributed through web based software portal framework with HEADS offices to locally support and control the management of learning and placement at EdCenters located all over the regions; HEADS model is scalable and interoperable and has the potential to reach regions breaking barriers of languages, platforms, regions, and locations.


Learning, Assessment, Placement Management System (LAMPS) is a central secured software system that runs through web based portal framework. LAMPS is central to EdServ and connects all partner centers, students, as well as corporate clients in seamless way.

The entire business model runs over a centralised and web enabled software system called LAMPS. LAMPS has different communities who regularly login and interact viz., student, client, EdServ, College, Franchisee partner. LAMPS beams the e-learning based course contents.  LAMPS does assessment and maps the jobs to students based on criteria and choice. LAMPS certifies and prints offer letters based on client's inputs and instructions given through their interface.

LAMPS acts through a centralised database repository that tracks all information based on various inputs given at various points. Course contents called HEAL contents are run by LAMPS only and otherwise the contents are not available in open format. Every course has session wise break-up to be completed in 2 hours through LAMPS software only at bona-fide centers like EdCenters.

Sessions and assessments are custom made for a client one-time on sign-up. The content is on constant upgradation on client's change of spec then and there. Client has the liberty to check through his LAMPS id every now and then about his student's performance. Job Bid and Resource Bid further enhances the freedom of job and resource choices.

SMART Assessments

EdServ's learning mechanism fundamentally is assessment centric. EdServ strongly believes that learning happens more focussed and more quickly through assessment sessions rather than mundane learning sessions. Students of higher IQ and caliber don't need often any such academic support to pass and score basic grades. Even then, they too need finer mechanism to improve their grades which is more possible through assessments.

EdServ offers SMART assessments by which the student is tested and validated about his / her learning levels and depths during the learning sessions that go continously. SMART assessments have various styles and types which are integrated into the self-paced contineous sessions that the student undergoes. PROMPTIVE METRICS, MODEL ASSESSMENTS, SMARTCHOICES are a few through which the student goes through various forms of checks to validate the skills acquired during the learning session.

Every session is tightly driven using assessments. Every assessment is automated as well as manual. Live sessions are used to check the student's bona-fide and evaluation. Each session consists of several SCOs (Sharable Content Object) with a MAL.

Micro Assessment Layer (MAL) tests the knowledge at SCO level. SAL (Session Assessment Layer) tests the knowledge at session level. A student's asking grade against a job is constantly flashed while the student studies through the course. Target Grade Vs. Current Grade Level based on MAL and SAL are indicators of performance for student as well as client. Client has freedom to either rely on our assessments or give his final assessment through Final Assessment Layer (FAL).

Staffing Solutions

Staffing solutions are not just limited to the automated LAMPS based right-sized solutions. EdServ has the ready-to-fit-in Staffing solutions team with a dedicated recruiter set with business managers to take care of your 11th hour manpower requirements. Somebody who can fit into your purse as well as head your SBUs or research with lifetime experience to deliver. Somebody who needs to be carefully screened and scrutinised for capability and integrity to serve you and grow synergic to your business vision.

EdServ as Lambent, since its inception in 2001, has been very active in Staffing solutions and customised resource solutions. Lambent offered in both contractual as well as permanent basis, the manpower on-board to its value based clients. Lambent initially provided a set of 12-15 DBAs on contract with Citibank N.A., as one of their largest and most preferred vendors.

The top management of Lambent have immense expertise in DBA solutions and this helped Lambent in dominating this space later serving a host of clients in Staffing solutions using DBAs in particular. Lambent’s other major client in Staffing solutions is Infosys Technologies. Lambent is still a preferred vendor of Infosys which strictly works on registered vendor basis. Lambent had over 20 staffs on-board on-contract basis for Infosys in their overseas project design and implementations.

EdServ's staffing solution team has a reach to a pool of resources who are senior management and technical professionals and who can be positioned in a jiffy and who can take up your offer and join at the earliest period of time.

Academic Support

EdServ believes strongly in seeding knowledge and skills at tender age of a student. Apart from academic studies, a student should get exposed to industry domains and the job positions and the orientations needed to take up the positions as he / she grows.

At primary / secondary education, the students is always under pressure to score marks and top the class. Average students have the pressure to pass the subjects and the class. But as the student grows to a graduation, his / her focus changes from grades / marks to jobs and careers.

Careers and jobs require all-round development on one side and the flair to take up a particular industry as career is the other. This flair requires to be groomed at the school level itself. More than students, parents also need counseling to understand their wards learning capabilities and agree to choose a more apt career rather than a rat race.

EdServ's academic support is in-campus as well as off-campus and aims at career seeding and industry domain alignment to do the career mapping at best levels right from primary.

Consulting Services


Lambent's (EdServ) software services strength lies in providing right-sized business software solutions for the enterprise-wide requirements for enterprises to grow as per their vision. Lambent (EdServ) is not meant to be just another consultant outfit but is made to work as an enterprise partner. One who understands the client's business thoroughly and creates software solutions and services which are just perfect for their needs. With Lambent (EdServ) , one is never left alone wondering about fulfilling their dreams and vision with technology challenges around. Lambent (EdServ) helps organizations in achieving their critical business imperatives by realizing the maximum business value through their technology investments.

Lambent (EdServ) delivers a portfolio of services that helps clients embrace speed, transform their enterprises, respond quickly to opportunities, and go to market ahead of their competitors.

Lambent (EdServ) provides ERP solutions as well as Database maintenance services in a 24x7 zero-downtime based enterprise-wide continuous availability framework in both onsite and off-site models. Lambent (EdServ) also provides Staffing solutions and customized resource solutions apart from niche training post-implementation of systems.


Annual Database & Systems maintenance services have been Lambent's (EdServ) forte for several years. Lambent (EdServ) had several DBAs and SAs to its profile and has successfully been servicing clients like SPB, Wheels India, GM Financials Services among others. Lambent (EdServ) enjoys monopolistic leadership in Database administration capabilities in ORACLE RDBMS and Unix administration capabilities in a wide variety of flavours like Solaris, HP UX, AIX and SCO.

The company offers consulting in the areas of installation and maintenance, setup, reorganization, performance tuning, crash recovery, migration, remote transparent distributed database setup, clustering, parallel server operations and advanced replication in ORACLE and UNIX. It is the role of administrators like the DBA (Data Base Administrator) and the OS administrator to take care of the problems related to database and the operating system.

These administrators are experienced professionals who have seen a number of installations and are familiar with potential situations that can cause such critical problems. This experience and knowledge now becomes available to the client so that they can be proactive and avoid such pitfalls. These consultants are also well versed in the art of trouble-shooting and can therefore provide solutions for disaster recovery, if and when the situation arises.


EdServ’s 2-way interactive online tutoring system brings the student and tutor together for an interaction online and live to help students clear their doubts and prepare for their exams better. Setup with digital whiteboards in electronic chat sessions, The EdCademy online tutoring employs the Class Support System through a branded EdClass solution that brings in experienced professors and tutors wherever they are to a student’s desk to access and hear their lectures anytime and anywhere.

The system brings state-of-the-art digital whiteboards which promises seamless participation by students any anytime by way of doubts clearances, topics of interest to go further into, interactions with fellow students in an organized way with the help of tutor, among others. EdCademy online tutoring system provides online tutoring services for both formal education support in schools and colleges as well as skill development and job orientation services.

School Engagements

Vidhyadhana Academy of Excellence for schools (EdSchool) is the stage I of Industry Demand Alignment and provides the much needed career mapping at schools after analyzing the skills and behaviour of each student for their aptitude, background, and flair for a particular field of interest. Vidhyadhana enhances the interest and motivation in school students to learn even tougher subjects and enriches the quality in teachers through technology-led systems. Vidhyadhana adopts and runs schools so as to gain total control of school management in order to implement the IDEA based education. Vidhyadhana aims at 100% demand-supply match and attempts to create a more balanced socio-economic framework where the unemployable becomes employable and the employable becomes rightly employed.

Recently EdServ announced the acquisition of SchoolMATE ERP software along with a point of presence of 70 schools. With this relationship, Vidhyadhana aims at implementing the school adoption based engagements in a total of 100 schools in the near future.

Employable Skills Training

EdCademy MODES provides the Modular Employable Skills training as prescribed by Directorate General of Employment and Training (DGE&T) under Ministry of Labour. EdServ plans a Pan India presence to train the downtrodden and socially under-served candidates for a nearest job orientation leading to certification from Government of India on successful assessment. EdServ is a Vocational Training Provider (VTP) authorized to provide MES training as per the DGE&T certified curriculum.

EdServs vast EdCenter partner driven network makes it possible to soil the feet and get into the deep down rural areas to bring in those underserved people on-board to train them to their nearest job orientation. EdServ presently provides the MES through EdCademy MODES through over 100s of its partner network across South.

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