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EdServ?s is India?s only company to have seamelessly integrated education and placement end-to-end in partner based web network. EdServ focusses on the bottom of the pyramid, the Real India, the hugely recession-proof market having the continuous need for affordable education and a career growth path and guidance.

EdServ came out with the IPO successfully in February 2009 and is now listed in BSE and NSE, India's premier stock exchanges. EdServ has consolidated its presence in Tamil Nadu as a principal job linked e-learning solution provider through partner driven network for the masses growing significantly from 35 odd partner centers just before IPO to 200 by Aug 2009. The company rolled out EdCampus, EdCademy, and EdCenters with EdClass that offer learning, jobs, metrics, and live lectures online and in-campus.

The EdServ?s strives to provide the next generation education system that matches demand-supply in scale and quality, reach and spread, and bridges the Academics-Industry divide by technology-led, career integrated learning framework through its last mile stretching network.

The future plans include providing end-to-end school solutions to guide every student from K-12 to Careers. Comprehensive industry demand aligned education shall be deployed to schools. EdServ believes strongly that students at their younger age are in a better position to seed with apt careers by way of skill developments with industry orientation suiting to their aptitude and the flair for excellence in a particular field.

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