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pre-career assessments
Pre-Career Assesments or PCA are used to screen a candidate for DIRECT JOBS at the first level. This is to ensure the client is able to screen quickly the many candidates who applied for a job position for basic set of skills as required by the job. The pre-career assessment (PCA) is also done for a job linked courses where the student is graded as CGL (Current Grade Level) for the individual client based on the client's expectations / level Grade Target (GT) is to be achieved in those cases from CGL and the student assesses the situation, his / her abilities, duration of the course and decides to take a job prospect.

Pre-Career Assessment can also be a quick entrance test to ascertain the candidate's skill sets, readyness for a fresher job in case jobs demand that a candidate needs to be ready directly without any training. A student after PCA may instantly qualify for certain job positions without the need to go through any course in which case he directly get Job Intent. PCA is an excellent assessment mechanism to instantly qualify a resource at a remote location for a job online in which both the client and student agree to comply with job agreement.

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