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  March 12, 2009 EdServ launches ONLINE PLACEMENT CAMPUS (EdCampus)

EDSERV SOFTSYSTEMS LIMITED has launched the online PLACEMENT CAMPUS to expand to over 500 Placement contact centers through franchisee network across India in the next 6 months. Under this plan, EdServ shall sign-up franchisee partners who can invest less than Rs. 3 Lakhs to setup placement contact centers that benefit final-year degree & diploma students, unemployed, and working people on wrong career path to secure their most matching job positions online through Direct Pre-Career Assessments (PCA). This is in addition to the current set of EdCenters of EdServ that provide job linked web based e-learning solutions.

The contact centers trademarked as EdCampus, approximately 300 to 400 sqft in size and web linked with EdServ HQ, have access to the centralized LAMPS software engine for anyone walking into the center to register for prospective jobs. Final year students, unemployed graduates and diploma holders, and working people with career mismatches can now register with EdCampus centers to interactively choose from a pool of jobs, live in LAMPS engine.

EdServ has back-to-back arrangements with a suite of clients in both IT as well as non-IT domains and verticals and has stocked up over 20,000 job positions live on LAMPS engine. LAMPS is web controlled and is viewable and accessible only through authorized EdServ centers.

EdServ currently has over 120 EdCenters which provide placement linked education, based on skill matched, need based, industry vetted, and assessment driven courses leading to firm job links. EdServ plans to expand to another 300 EdCenters across India and South Asia apart from the 500 EdCampuses in the next 6 months. EdServ caters to careers in domains / verticals that include Retail, BFSI, Telecom, Manufacturing, BPO apart from IT.

EdServ’s business is estimated to be in the lines of the projected Rs. 4 Cr earnings after tax for the year 2008-09. Further, it is expected to grow at 400% year-on-year in the next 2 years through its path-breaking and web enabled EdCenter and EdCampus business models apart from the strategic college student performance support programme planned to be launched shortly.

EdServ plans to overall address the career aspirations of over 1,000,000 students in South Asia in the next 18-24 months through the above-said automated Industry-Education Collaborating (IEC) e-initiatives.

(C) 2009 EdServ Softsystems Limited, Chennai, India.