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Jun 12, 2009 EdServ launches EdCademy, the academic in-campus support programme for Engineering & Management students

EdServ Softsystems Limited, World’s first 4th Generation Education Company that provides the most matching careers to every aspirant through technology-led e-learning and metrics framework, has launched EdCademy, the In-campus academic support programme for Engineering & Management students. Students from the 1st year to the final year across all Engineering & technology disciplines in UG and PG programmes as well as Management programmes shall benefit from EdCademy in both learning and career placements through online web based access methods.

EdCademy is EdServ’s Institutional initiative aimed at improving the performance of students inside campus in an online web based framework. EdCademy follows LAP model (Learning, Assessment, and Placement) that converges end-to-end all benefiting communities viz., students, faculties, industry, and institution seamlessly.

EdCademy, the first of its kind in India, is a fast growing favourite among educational institutions and houses over 500 subjects in e-learning format along with over a million model questions and answers apart from a growing jobs database, to ultimately educate and elevate every student to be most successful and employable through a trademarked Promptive Metrics based Learning (PML) method.

Institutions now get placed in a higher grade !

As an Institution, one has a dream to achieve performance excellence in students’ admissions and their career placements. By signing up EdServ’s EdCademy, the most comprehensive in-campus online academic support programme from EdServ specifically designed for a professional college, it is very easy for an institution to enhance the students’ performance in academics and in their career campus interviews, thanks to the LAP model which is a web enabled, centralized online system right inside your campus. Further, the system provides an online placement engine for Pre-Final / final year students to taste a job offer right at the institution’s campus.

EdCademy – The ultimate academic performance enhancement

Branded as EdCademy, the model is LAP (Learning, Assessment, Placement) which operates through LAMPS software engine that gives unlimited access to every registered student to refresh their learning, to undergo metrics relating to their core subjects and softskills, to prepare for the campus interview, and in the best cases to get an offer out of our Placement engine directly.

The learning refresher for every student matches perfectly to their current year’s curriculum subjectwise and chapterwise well supported by the Assessment which are mandatory tests as well as non-mandatory questions & answers to test every single knowledge & understanding of a student in a subject. Again all metrics footprints are recorded as performance trackers for faculty.

Placements at better success rate resulting in better admissions for future

And of course the placements that are real. Unlimited job offers to pick up from. Skill matched, Industry vetted, Assessment driven jobs crowding your campus. Job offers get assigned seamlessly and transparently. Because students go through jobs, choose their own careers, undergo PCAs (Pre-Career Assessments), interact with clients through webcam, and pick up their jobs online.

Every student registration is once a year and the access to online materials and collaterals in learning, assessment, placement is unlimited and instant with the latest updated contents right at EdServ HQ. EdServ has back-to-back arrangements with a suite of clients in both IT as well as non-IT domains and verticals and has stocked up over thousands of job positions live on LAMPS engine. LAMPS is web controlled and is viewable and accessible only through authorized EdCademy institutions only.

Thus, the placements can happen to every student who successfully complete his / her degree passing all subjects resulting in an overall performance enhancement for the institution to look forward to a better admission the future batches year-on-year !

Benefits of EdCademy

EdCademy assures a better student’s performance rating in their core degree subjects and assessment essentials. This is achieved by continuous assessments that can be forced upon to every student by the concerned HoD by unlimited access to EdCademy’s Learning Engine (LE). Further, before the semester exam, a student can attempt many model papers of a particular subject which the student feels tough to pass or score high through the Assessment Engine (AE) of EdCademy. Final year students can also access for unlimited job positions through Placement Engine (PE) of EdCademy by which virtually an e-campus interview can be organized which could land a student in a job offer much before he / she completes the course.

An institution can sign-up with EdCademy and receive logins for all students studying in a semester which is a minimum pack. The institution can check for 100% conformance for the affiliated University curriculum and model questions before sign-up. Further, the institution can look for a placement preparatory programme including the Softskills, Personality Development skills, and other Job orientation skills before a campus interview is organized. Further, EdServ can touch base with its own clients through the performance dashboard of all students right through their duration of the course in the college can be showcased as a foot-print, thanks to the online web controlled LAMPS engine which controls all the learning, assessment, and placement link to the concerned client who has more than a reason to trust the data about the college’s performance and attempt at a campus interview through the Industry-Education-Collaborating (IEC) method.

Thus an institution can look for an all-round development of its students and overall performance enhancement to a better ranking through academic excellence such that the aspiration levels of the management can grow by leaps and bounds to expand to multiple institutions under the same group and ultimately aim at university status.

(C) 2009 EdServ Softsystems Limited, Chennai, India.