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EdServ offers SMART assessments by which the student is tested and validated about his / her learning levels and depths during the learning sessions on a contineous basis hand-in-hand. SMART assessments have various styles and types which are integrated into the self-paced contineous sessions that the student undergoes. PROMPTIVE METRICS, MODEL ASSESSMENTS, SMARTCHOICES are the SMART assessment constructs which the student goes through various forms of checks to validate the skills acquired during the learning session.

Following are the different assessment styles and types tested through SMART assessments:

  • Assessment through multiple choice Q & A
  • Assessment through flash based animated click-answer Q & A
  • Assessment through automated application / validation based Q & A
  • Assessment through program situation / code Q & A by middle tier engines to run the program in the central server and send the output to student
  • Assessment through manual checking and correction by a team of testers at HQ
  • Assessment through prompting choices of a correct answer that include illustrations, problem solutions, mugging descriptive answers etc.
Smart Assesments are born out of EdServ's strong conviction levels that a student's learning levels are best validated and controlled using assessments.
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