EdServ uses technology to efficiently synchronize manpower demand and supply in number and skills right from development to deployment. EdServ educates to elevate the Real India, the bottom of the pyramid, from K-12 to careers through Industry Demand Aligned education with career orientation.


Education has evolved into generations. Prior to 4th Generation, the earlier ones including the current one lack a promise to provide a skill-matched career to a student based on a course. Current generation in particular generates more unemployment due to the way the demand and supply are split without a perfect match.

  • 1st Generation being Gurukula type of on-the-job-learning with one-to-one trainer-student relationship; it is not scalable anymore
  • 2nd Generation being Excellence in Education with high Demand and Low supply; it is no more applicable due to excess pool of resources
  • 3rd Generation being the academy-industry divide with huge demand as well as huge supply with thorough mismatch; needs a break

EdServ has launched World's first 4th Generation education model that has a definite job fitment for every aspirant who wishes to seek a career as a fresher. EdServ's HEADS (Humanware Education And Deployment System) has education & deployment integrated as part of the business model and promises an industry vetted, job linked, assessment driven, resource mapped, and skill matched learning and placement for every registrant.

EdServ's next generation HEADS model consists of the 5 key cornerstones such as CONTENT, DELIVERY, DEPLOYMENT, TECHNOLOGY, and BRANDING to build and deliver centralized education to meet industry needs in terms of qualitative skills and scale through innovative use of tools and technology to seamlessly integrate training, fool-proof and transparent testing, metrics-based assessment and absorption of appropriately trained humanware.


EdServ's LAMPS, the secured software portal engine, provides a centrally controlled and automated learning and placement mechanism that assures transparent and seamless collaboration to all benefiting communities viz., Industry / Client, Resource / Student, Partner / Franchisee, and Institution / College. LAMPS is central to the whole functioning of HEADS model that consistently maps and links every resource to a job through highly validated and scrutinized process.


EdServs plans to provide education in a holistic approach from K-12 to careers have been developing with already a strong foundation with its reach to higher education along with campus placements and online EdServs 4th generation education is an end-to-end solution of education integrated with deployment from K-12 to Careers. This is getting implemented through IDEA (Industry Demand Alignment) to be launched in a month. Industry Demand Alignment suggests to get the industry behaviour studied over a period and mapping it to the resources through a balanced seeding at K-12 in a progressive education system. Technology is majorly used to arrive at Metrics as major inputs to IDEA.