EdServ provides skill matched and need based resources for a work opportunity with Industry. Online Placements happen live with clients and resources handshaking in a defined and organized web network for a definite engagement.

EdServ converges the Client, Institutions, Partner, and a Student as a community to benefit through instant and seamless interaction exchanging the requirements in a web enabled connectivity portal. EdServ has a firm footing on the Academic-Industry bridging act providing support to Higher Education in both formal education and also in employability enhancement. Further, EdServ is also in full arrangement with Clients and corporate who need manpower in trained and ready-to-deploy forms. EdServs LAMPS connects student and client in a seamless network and helps both the students and the clients by providing transparent access to information on performance and support to improve the throughput.

So, EdServ combines the fastest growing education & placement segments with first-mover-advantage by offering mandatory job fitment for every aspirant through Pre-Career Assessments (PCA) as per the jobs that grow online live. EdServ is a scalable model addressing volumes connecting demand-supply rapidly using technology with must-learn-disciplined learning using the partner network.