EdServ believes in Promptive Metrics based learning method and other smart assessment methods to orient students to face exams easier. The K-12 to careers movement requires to face exams at every stage and EdServ's learning methods clubbed with assessments facilitate this movement seamlessly.

EdServ believes strongly that the conventional learning methods are not effective in transforming every student to a desired state. A student has a shortfall in knowledge and training and more so has a gap to bridge to get a job. But when a training is organized, the ownership of learning gets transferred to the faculty in-charge. An average student also loses accountability that the session's contents need to be thoroughly understood and the results are to be produced out of the understanding. Moreover, the metrics to evaluate the students' understanding on a set of sessions are nomore scientific resulting in no clear assessments and judgements available as data to monitor and control the progress of a student's performance.

EdServ's learning methods are entirely automated and rely so much on the assessments and underlying metrics. Continuous assessments supported by technology after a learning process help in recording the footprints of a student's progressive learning and performance as a result out of learning. This also helps understand the student's aptitude and flair for a particular skillset. These footprints are more effectvie in career seeding and industry demand alignment at a later stage in the student's lifecycle from academics to industry orientation.

EdServ clubs audio-video animated multimedia contents with e-learning standards to evaluate a student's performance after an automated learning process. EdServ further believes in centrally distributed and updated online learning to put a student through progressive learning such that even an average student gets transformed to a best performer.