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Industry that benefits out of HEADS model is wide. Both IT and non-IT verticals and domains are addressed. The divide between the academics and industry is ever widening especially after India is projected as a sole source for humanware in Information Technology sector. Institutions focus so much on IT that core industry suffers from lack of qualified and trained resources.

EdServ as a strategy focuses in generating competent fresher for non-IT domains upto 70% of its business. It is expected that a lot of support would come from the student resources for non-IT positions considering the fact that the core industries pay-packs are better and the student's knowledge levels are low at the moment about non-IT opportunities. Further the HEADS model is strictly automated upto a job offer after a strict training and assessment.

A client company, as industry, is always looking at employable manpower resource as a fresher at volumes. With EdServ's HEADS model, the client company can breathe easy and plan the project schedules better with pre-determined lead time in a proactive way. The LAMPS portal has its entry point for every such client who can enter their preferences, candidate's background, curriculum essentials with assessment criteria, and commit on a defined job offers.

With rupee appreciating, it may sound interesting for companies to look into our one-stop-shop solution of providing them with the exact set of their dream resources by taking care of the following:

  • The exact requirements of fresher and the lead-time before they have to be inducted into your actual project
  • Entry-level criteria
  • The curriculum of training to be done on them
  • The choice of colleges
  • The choice of academic excellence
  • The likely compensation package vs qualification and training performance
  • The other wish-list in terms of job-fitment straight from the college

Once clients sign-up with us with all those crucial information as your specification, they are put up in their own digital-dashboard of what is going on from inside our automated learning system for their selected chunks of fresher registered through our dealer gateways.

Rather their HR is directed through our digital window right from the time of the course enrolment up to the final grading out of the regular ILT sessions with strictly controlled assessments as per their specification What's more, the exactly matched resources to client's specification automatically get their Job Intent on your approval from their HR who operates in our system through a secured access login on a continuous basis.

The specifications as well as their selected resources are secured and protected till the end. Enough flexibility is given in our model to ensure a client doesn't lose out any including the timeframe that they are waiting for. A client may not step out of their office to achieve this 100% matched-resource-making exercise. And all these may cost a client as low as 20% of the cost-burn otherwise spent on their own exercise of trial-runs!

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