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Dealers are appointed by Distributors in the Distributors area of operation. Dealers can choose the pin code wherein he/she wants to operate from and the dealer will come under that distributors area of pin code. Dealer is authorized to sell all the products displayed under LG . A Dealer will sell directly to the end user. A dealer will create his/her own login in LG site, which will be exclusively owned by the dealer. Dealer will make the payment to the distributor of his/her territory. A dealer will get 30% edcredits from his/her distributor over and above the amount paid to the distributor . A dealer will also get 10% edcredits over and above the amount paid to the distributor from the company.

How it works?

A dealer pays Rs 5000 to the distributor of his/her area. A dealer now gets 30% as bonus termed as Edbonus from the distributor 5000X 30%= 6500 + 10% from the company = 500. Thus a dealer will get 7000 worth of Edcredits on payment of Rs 5000/- These Edcredits will be transferred to his/her log in and also to the registered number of the mobile as displayed in dealers registration form.

An end user will also have a login in LG site . A end user who may be also a walk in for the dealer will pay the amount as per recharge hours he/she needs. The dealer simply has to recharge the end user through mobile to mobile transfer or through login to login transfer. Product codes and the number to which a dealer has to send the sms will be given to the dealer.

A dealer who has come in directly by paying to the company will be attached to distributor of his/her pin code if the distributor exists for that pin code . If the distributor comes in at a later date than the dealer then also the dealer from next recharge will be attached to the distributor.

A dealer can upgrade into a Distributor and occupy the pin code of his choice provided the said pin code is vacant, because as per company's norms there will be only one distributor in a single postal pin code.