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HEADS learning is EdServ's patented learning model that integrates learnign and placement. HEADS learning contents are in multimedia framework with rich audio-video contents in excellent usability features inducing intituitive and interactive learning. HEADS learning uses animations and graphics blending natural voices with pre-recorded speaker sessions. HEADS Learnig, called the HEAL, is distributed through web based software portal framework with HEADS offices to locally support and control the management of learning and placement at EdCenters located all over the regions; HEADS model is scalable and interoperable and has the potential to reach regions breaking barriers of languages, platforms, regions, and locations.
HEADS learning can scale up aggressively and can accommodate all complexities of learning mechanisms and can cater to a wider range of domains and verticals Industrial training requiements, induction and orientation, HR skill training, BPO training, Spoken English and Personality Development are a few complex learning mechanisms that can be handled and implemented with ease by HEAL.