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This method helps a student to learn as per the job requisities as defined by a job / client to become ready-to-deploy in a hands-on job-ready mode. More often, any kind of trained resource may need to be re-oriented and re-trained because the job offered requires different type of skills for an immediate deployment need. Further, a candidate's job orientation and finishing school training are general in nature and can make a candidate industry friendly and professional by nature.

However, there may be fine tuning required and in most cases, a specific industry's shop floor skills or software application usage skills, or such client deployment requirements force further training. Job linked learning is a method of EdServ that is part of HEADS Learning which provides a mechanism for client to specify the content, curriculum and the skill definition which can be developed in pre-recorded sessions using SMART learning and SMART assessment methods to ensure the client is able to plan and deploy the resource thus trained in automated e-learning methods immediately into their projects / client sites.