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Promptive Metrics based Learning method is a patented innovative learning system deployed through one of EdServ's SMART Assessment solutions. There are no teachers, no tuition, and not any face-to-face boring lectures. Instead, the system at EdCenters has automated Promptive Metrics based Learning (PML) mechanism by which you will be given a set of model question papers adhering to your semester exam curriculum and pattern. Based on a time limit you will be asked to answer the paper online through our private web network called LAMPS.

Again you will be able to answer the question paper without keying in or typing in any text. You will rather choose the right answer among 4-5 probable answers for a question. Problems type, mugging type, as well as objective type questions are all tried in the same way ! Further, all question papers are model papers adhering to your Anna University academic curriculum and exam pattern only. Once you finish attempting the paper, the system automatically valuates your performance and gives you the assessment of your attempt including grades and cumulative grades for many such attempts. You will also be able to understand how many such papers and subjects you have attempted and how many hours and papers left to attempt as well through a dedicated login assigned to you.