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HEADS learning accomodates different learning methods called SMART learning collectively. SMARTINSTANCES are learning through real-life (REALI) instances. SMARTINSTANCES provide a way for the student to understand and retain many complex concepts easily. SMARTCLARIFY provides a mechanism by which student learns through popular questions with answers in a FAQ environment which are pre-recorded and orchestrated in a audio-visual framework.

SMARTSAMPLES are demo sessions with case studies that force a student to get to work on certain problems and samples and them opting for an answers, the same appear for cross-check and cross-reference. CHECKLEARN is a mechanism by which the student is put to a simple test which have validated answers prompting and on a time-out the correct answers appear by default. SMARTSESSIONS provide a multi-level learning mechanism depending on the learning curve that the student demonstrates through automated constructs. The student on showing improvement is changed their levels of learning automatically based on an internal feedback check.

SPEAKNATIVE, SMARTFEED are those native language interfaces which improve the affinity of students to learn better when it comes to learning complex technology concepts; Text-to-Voice, Voice-to-Text, Voice-to-Voice interfaces are used to deal with learning and assessments including feedback and perfomance checks. SMARTRACK improves the interactive learning further for the student to go back visually to a concept to refer to by specifying the context in voice or text.