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Oganisations face the problem of recruitments of resources as fresh workforce to be deployed readily in large numbers to your various projects. This is basically because of the manual process involved in going to the colleges for campus interviews, getting in touch with consulting companies to look through a host of resumes so as to shortlist and interview the candidates and so on. Sometimes, you may wonder if there can be a SYSTEM that can give you just those sets of resources as freshers to recruit.

Further, you may also look at someone as an extended arm to train and induct post-recruitment so that the recruited freshers become ready-to-deploy or more EMPLOYABLE. EdServ's staffing solutions are well supported by LAMPS in an automated framework connecting 1000s of EdCenters where the resources instantly catch up with a live job. EdServ's PCA ensure that the resources get screened and validated for the job requisites before the face-to-face interviews are arranged to further shortlist and finalise the candidates for absorption as per the client's choice and demand. Further, EdServ's staffing solution team has a reach to a pool of resources who are senior management and technical professionals and who can be positioned in a jiffy and who can take up your offer and join at the earliest period of time.