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Sparkling Minds

Vidhyadhana Academy of Excellence for schools is the stage I of Industry Demand Alignment and provides the much needed career mapping at schools after analyzing the skills and behaviour of each student for their aptitude, skills, and flair for a particular field of interest. Vidhyadhana enhances the interest and motivation in school students to learn even tougher subjects and enriches the quality in teachers through technology-led systems.

Vidhyadhana adopts and runs schools so as to gain total control of school management in order to implement IDEA in total. Vidhyadhana aims at 100% demand-supply match and attempts to create a more balanced socio-economic framework where the unemployable becomes employable and the employable becomes rightly employed.


EdServ’s 2-way interactive online tutoring system brings the student and tutor together for an interaction online and live to help students clear their doubts and prepare for their exams better. The profiles of tutors are available for students/parents to review before making a choice of appointing a tutor for the tuition.

Tutors are trained on the usage of tools like whiteboard and guided on best practices to be followed while tutoring the students. Several value added services like user groups, tools and other education related resources are available on this platform. is a one-stop-destination for all players in the ecosystem of education to interact, impart training, learn and collaborate with one another.

Although the platform is online and global, EdServ target the regional markets through Area Partners who are the local representative that help the tutors, students and educational institutions by acting as a bridge between the user and EdServ’s 2tion currently has over 70,000 student registrations and 4,000 tutor registrations and plans to increase the registrations to 500,000 in the next 1 year.


EdCampus is a virtual campus providing placements through jobs which are live from various clients. EdCampus provides online job engagements for the aspirants in a direct and defined client-resource interaction. Client job definitions are online in EdServ's private job web which is viewable by the job seeker after providing their background information. All high-end as well as low-end jobs for fresher as well as experienced are made real in EdCampus. A job seeker, even without any internet enablement, can contact any of the EdCounters such as a grocery shop to pay and get to know about the matching job positions through his / her mobile. Automated job matches happen leading to client interviews and job offers online.

EdCampus can be accessed from EdCenters and also from inside EdCademies through the secured LAMPS portal. Any career aspirant including the final year students who look for a job can register with EdCenter and access EdCampus live.

Once the candidate enters all the relevant information and background including skill sets and experience if any, EdCampus immediately lists out the jobs that are most matching and are live. Candidate can choose the most suitable position and is expected to pass a Pre-Career Assessment (PCA) to be qualified for an interview or job.

Online or personal interviews are also arranged instantly on candidates clearing the PCA. EdCampus matches right jobs to the aspiring registrant online through industry vetted, assessment driven, skill matched, and technology-led seamlessly. EdServ caters to careers in domains / verticals that include Retail, BFSI, Telecom, Manufacturing, BPO apart from IT through EdCampus online.

EdCampus plans to increase the current 50,000 job seeker registrations to 1,000,000 in the next 1 year.


EdServ's EdCademy is the academic support program for Arts / Science, Engineering, and Management students as well as school students off-campus support and entrance exam support. It’s a Learning & Assessment Engagement Solution. LASENS provides e- learning modules for self paced learning of a variety of courses to be accessible anywhere, anytime through pre-paid recharge cards and charge points called EdCounters.

All the relevant subjects for a particular semester of a degree program are webcasted online to the student through individual logins. The e-contents are 100% University compliant in curriculum. It also provides model papers and quick online tests to undergo self-paced assessments as a preparatory mechanism to check and assess one’s competency to score well in exams. Further, the student shall also undergo Soft skills, personality development skills, basic IT skills through multimedia based audio-video supported e-learning system with appropriate metrics to enhance students' employability.

EdCademy has been specifically designed to help student face their exams with more confidence. EdServ addresses the need of every student in secondary schooling, undergoing entrance exams like IIT JEE, AIEEE, and so on, and undergoing the UG and PG degree programs in a college to pass the semester exam easy and get an appropriate career placement.

EdCademy LASENS plans to increase the registrations from the current 30,000 to 1,000,000 in the next 12 months.


SchoolMATE [School Management At Ease], is a CRM and ERP software solution provider for Schools. SchoolMATE also has a College management module called CollegeMATE. SchoolMATE’s ERP generates over 250 MIS reports and helps management, teachers, students and parents to retrospect and improvise. It houses GPS / GIS technology apart from RFID / Biometric / sms methods to track and monitor student homework, logistics, and attendance, apart from over 15 modules computerising all academic and administrative functions of a school online. With SchoolMATE, Vidhyadhana shall employ class support system for teachers to empower them deliver meaningful sessions with the help of state-of-the-art automation.

EdServ’s offerings to schools through the Vidhyadhana Academy includes providing Academic support, School Management support, and Student Performance Management support services through which the company will provide multi-dimensional skill development, leading to industry orientation of these students at K-12 itself.

Through the acquisition of SchoolMATE, EdServ’s Vidhyadhana Academy will have overall points of presence in over 100 schools including 30 schools that it has already signed up since its launch in November 2009.

Sparkling Minds

The Sparkling Minds is an advanced interactive education platform designed to impart life skills to junior children in a fun, engaging way. Advanced - since some of the activities presented here may seem too challenging for our little ones. We have deliberately set the bar high - for, challenge is what brings out the best in a person. And that’s true for a child too. Expose your kids to these activities, and you will be pleasantly surprised to see how they respond. The activities are presented in the form of stories, games and quizzes which your child will find very enjoyable. The characters are designed to guide your child through these activities. They also provide encouragement and feedback, very essential for a healthy and positive learning experience. And, no, we are not claiming that playing the activities presented here will groom your child to be a genius. No. But what ‘The Sparkling Minds’ does is instill positive values and concepts while the little ones do what they do best at their age – play.

As a parent, the scorecard framework will enable you to track your child’s progress. You will be able to see the list of activities your child has played, the child’s scores and trends. If used effectively, this can give valuable insight into your child’s strengths and interests. If you have more than one child, it is best to have separate logins (or memberships) for each of your child, so that scorecards are kept separate.

The Sparkling Minds is designed to help parents spend quality time with their children. The ‘shared reading’ activities do have ‘voice-overs’, but you could choose to read it out yourself to your child. Or you could have fun playing one of the activities with your child. Or try taking a quiz with your child.


HEADS learning is EdServ's patented learning model that integrates learnign and placement. HEADS learning contents are in multimedia framework with rich audio-video contents in excellent usability features inducing intituitive and interactive learning. HEADS learning uses animations and graphics blending natural voices with pre-recorded speaker sessions. HEADS Learnig, called the HEAL, is distributed through web based software portal framework with HEADS offices to locally support and control the management of learning and placement at EdCenters located all over the regions; HEADS model is scalable and interoperable and has the potential to reach regions breaking barriers of languages, platforms, regions, and locations.

HEADS learning can scale up aggressively and can accommodate all complexities of learning mechanisms and can cater to a wider range of domains and verticals Industrial training requiements, induction and orientation, HR skill training, BPO training, Spoken English and Personality Development are a few complex learning mechanisms that can be handled and implemented with ease by HEAL.

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