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  • To provide Fun filled learning content with gaming tools
  • Leading Educationists to govern the Academy to monitor and improve learning methods
Chennai based Education Services Company EdServ, which had recently announced a three phased expansion into the Schools Segment, has launched VIDHYADHANA, an Academy of Excellence in K-12 for schools that encompasses fun-filled learning for primary-secondary education.

EdServ is in talks with a Chennai based Gaming company to develop and implement multimedia and animation based games that will assist in creating the much needed interest and skill-sets for students in some of the tough subjects at school. The multimedia based gaming content is expected to facilitate quicker learning and easier understanding of subjects at primary level.

5 year Joint Venture with Schools

EdServ, through the Vidhyadhana Academy, will enter into a 5year renewable Joint Venture with owners of schools, whereby the company will adopt the existing schools along with the management and students.

As part of the JV, the School owners will get an upfront interest-free refundable deposit as well as a share in the Schools revenue. In addition, each school will get between Rs.15 and 20lakhs for investments on technology tools and systems. The company will also assure profitability to school owners while retaining their ownership. Also, as part of its JV, Vidhyadhana Academy will look to improving the quality of schools, teachers skills and the academic performance of students, apart from imparting them with career orientation.

Vidhyadhana Academy shall be governed by Educationists, Correspondents and Deans of some of the leading schools to monitor and improve the quality of learning methods. All Heads of Schools adopted by Vidhyadhana shall be members of the Academic Council.

S. Giridharan, CEO, EdServ said We believe learning is incomplete without a metrics and assessment model. The Vidhyadhana Academy education model is an integrated learning model - a hybrid of manual and automated learning system- with the metrics entirely automated and the outcome of the assessment being ploughed back to learning systems in order to achieve the individual student learning progress. Thus, more than just an academic subject wise learning, we will bring a progressive learning model that seeds the career of each student to his individual interest and traits. Based on our study, we are of the view that this can happen as early as 6th or 7th standard.

Highlights of Vidhyadhana Academy
  • To adopt and run schools with successful educationists governing the Academy
  • To provide quality teachers, improve admissions and also support academic performance of students
  • To provide career seeding and industry orientation at Primary and Secondary level
  • To offer affordable online tuition services for these school children
Upgrading Schools Technology Infrastructure

Vidhyadhana Academy will invest in upgrading the school in size and facilities such that the students find the environment much better. Fees shall continue to be affordable while the number of students admitted to schools is expected to increase.

Vidhyadhana Academy will invest in Technology enabled EdLabs, LCD TVs for all class rooms, introduce Smart Learning tools and Internet connectivity with video conferencing facilities in every school to help students improve their academics and understand the industries, domains and the orientation to take up right Careers based Groups at the higher secondary levels.

On the vision for Vidhyadhana, Giridharan said, Our long term plan is to implement our IDEA (Industry Demand Alignment) based education programme at the primary education level so as to seed careers at a young age in students and to map each student to their apt Career based Group of subjects and UG programmes as they move up to higher secondary education.

Recent Milestones

October09 Awarded ATP to provide modular employable training to underserved segment
September’09 Acquired 2tion.com to expand into the Online Tuition Services space
September09 Announced Foray into Schools Market
August 2009 Signed MOU with Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli for a joint eLearning Certification diploma programme
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